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Technicians are specialists who perform precision work; they are engaged in measurement and control, inspecting, testing, repairing, and adjusting instruments that detect, measure, and record changes. They help improve the performance of instruments and plant systems.

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    • To follow plant policies and repair procedures.
    • To calibrate, troubleshoot, repair, and replace process instruments as part of the plant maintenance program.
    • Conduct necessary tests and documentation to comply with environmental regulations.
    • Collaborate closely with plant operations to assess routine and emergency work related to instruments.
    • Wear the appropriate safety equipment in designated areas.
    • Listen, interpret, and convey relevant messages in different contexts using appropriate means, codes, and tools.
    • Develops innovations and proposes solutions to problems based on established methods.
    • Supports a personal stance on issues of interest and general relevance, considering other points of view in a critical and reflective manner.
    • Learn on their own initiative and interest throughout life.
    • Contribute to sustainable development critically with responsible actions.

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