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Impactful solutions

Energy storage

The best technology on the market.

Solar systems

We focus on the highest quality.

Operation and maintenance

We guarantee the success of your investment.



Immediate savings

Your solar system will generate savings of up to 99% of your total CFE bill.

+30 years of useful life

PIREOS will operate and maintain your solar system to maximize energy generation.

Zero emissions

Stopping pollution and saving on electricity go hand in hand.

The cheapest energy

With the use of solar panels, you can generate up to 100% of the energy consumed in your company.


We are committed to the ongoing training of our professionals. We stand out for our dedication to the highest quality in equipment, processes, and our unwavering commitment to our clients.

More than 80 courses to train our staff

We are a company 100% focused on quality

We use the best equipment globally

Our clients support us

Solar System

We help your company achieve energy independence

Schedule a free, no obligation consultation

Our experts will propose the savings alternative that best suits your business

Choose the financial solution according to your needs

Pireos provides turnkey installation

After installation, Pireos takes care of the operation and maintenance of your system and guarantees the savings

Power Up Logotipo

PIREOS offers you its exclusive monitoring and control platform, PowerUP®, so you can be fully informed in real-time about the performance of your solar or energy storage systems.

PowerUP® is the best tool on the market for diagnosing and tracking your solar energy system.

Operation and Maintenance

Our work doesn't end with the installation of the solar panels

We ensure that your investment is a success throughout its entire lifespan and offer the warranties to back it up, so you can rest easy while the sun works for you.

A well maintained and well operated solar system can generate up to 30% more energy.

Operación y mantenimiento
Operation and Maintenance

Our process is designed to simplify your life

We take care of performing periodic cleanings

We carry out predictive maintenance

We carry out preventive maintenance interventions

We take care of corrective maintenance

We guarantee your savings

Energy storage

Energy storage systems

Pioneros 1
Pioneros 2

Pioneers in Mexico

In June 2016, we installed the first energy storage system in Mexico to eliminate CFE consumption during peak hours for an industrial client.

Energy storage


Location: Oaxaca
Capacity: 1 MW


Unique proprietary control system in the market

With our energy storage systems, you can reduce your CFE bill by up to 40%.

Power Up Logotipo

The consumption profile of an industrial client when using only CFE energy

The consumption profile of the same industrial client after the installation of batteries

In 2019, we partnered with the world's largest manufacturer of non polluting and durable batteries

  • They take up very little space.
  • They are non toxic and non flammable.
  • The longest lifespan in the market​.


PIREOS accompanies its clients throughout the lifespan of the system to ensure its performance and keep it in optimal conditions.